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That's right Biffnoers. It's that time of the year.

You thought you could escape from the madness? Think again, because we're back!

But this year, things are different. Last year it was a Renegade edition - this year Biffno will be hosted on Rockfic.com once again, like it was in the old days. rdyfrde and I are still your hosts, of course, and nothing will change except for maybe a bigger span of the event. The singup is officially open right now!

And here's where you come in. Because we are now wondering whether to keep the comm going, or just move the whole thing to Rockfic. Mind that now membership on Rockfic is free, and the one held on the site will have more features that for technical reasons can't be applied to a LJ comm. That said some are just in it for the writing and prefer LJ as a format, so...

What do you want? Keep in mind that either way is fine for us, we just want to ensure it's as fun as it can be for you...since you are what counts. Without the writers, there is no Biffno.

Poll #1816888 Biffno 2012: where and how?

Would you rather have Biffno 2012 on Rockfic exclusively, or keep the comm going as well?

Rockfic and LJ

If you have any question or doubt, as usual, ask in the comments and we'll be glad to answer!
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