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2012 BIFNNO sign-up post!

The masses have spoken! The comm will be run alongside the Rockfic threads. Me and rdyfde will try our best to keep both up to speed because ultimately, a big part of what makes Biffno fun is the interaction between the writers, and I really don't want the ones on LJ to feel left out. :)


This is our sign-up post. Comment here and come join in the fun!

I don't think I need to restate the rules but it won't hurt:

1. Comment to this post if you'd like to participate. There is no deadline - if you decide to join on the 15th of March we won't punish you in any way. If you already have a fandom or an idea, post it too, or wait for the first discussion posts to appear!
2. Writing starts at Midnight, March 1st. The time is local so it's going to fluctuate between timezones. Just don't cheat! Writing stops when the story's over, or at Midnight (local), March 31st. Your story isn't done yet? That's what April (also known as Bandfic Finishing Novella Month) is for.
2a. Research and notes are allowed. The only thing that has to be written in March is the story itself.
3. The goal is 25000 words worth of bandfic. Since it's the first year of this renegade edition, and not many will have the time to think of a long plot, we're going to have a Beginner's Biffno prize as well, for reaching the 15000 words mark. Nobody will be there to check if you have written them, or that you aren't copy-pasting the same word 25000 times: we'll just trust your word for it. For this reason the fic doesn't necessarily have to be written in English, you can write in whatever language is more comfortable for you!
4. One can drop out at any time, and change their story for another at any time. Many of us have done it, when the story died on them (it happens) or when another started pushing for attention. There is no penalty and we'll cheer you on regardless. It's all about the fun here, and there's nothing less fun that writing something you don't like anymore.
5. Check in! A daily post will be put up, in which everybody will be able to comment with their progress and, infamous traditions from the past editions, their last 10 words or sentence. It's not mandatory to check in, just fun.
6. Discussion, questions, requests and simple shouts of joy can be posted to the community. Just be aware that posting is moderated, and it might take a little while for it to show up (or it might not show up if ruled as spam or repeat post). Actual posting will be locked until the 1st. Any question and comment can be posted in comments to the appropriate posts until then.
7. Play nice. We will not tolerate drama or wank. We trust people to be old enough to self-moderate, but none of us will hesitate at bringing out the banhammer if we catch you being a dick to other people or trolling. One warning rule.
7. Have fun. That's the most important rule. We're all here to have fun. :)

So what are you waiting for? Come play!

Any questions? Don't hesitate asking in the comments!

Done? Gather 'round the water cooler to talk about your blossoming ideas!
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