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Late, so very late....

I wanted to have these out shortly after the end of Biffno. Sadly, the spring local con kicked my ass and ate all my time for two weeks!

But they're here now, the winner banners and icons for this year's biffno.

Save them and post them to your profile, or just keep them as a little keepsake! ;)

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Incidentally - how is everybody's biffno going? Have you finished it? Edited it?

When you finally post it, are you going to share the link with us all (I'd love to read them!)?
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ok desu

And...it's over.

In half an hour this edition of biffno will be over where I am, and then it will start spreading.

How far did your story go? Is it done, or still kicking?

What did you think of this year's story? Are you satisfied with it? If you dropped out, why did you? Will you do it again next year?

As a host I can only say this was a blast. I hope we managed to keep you guys hooked and entertained enough. It was a little tiring sometimes, but always gave me pride seeing you all play along. Not many remained at the end, but it's not a fault! Sometimes it just doesn't come out - better luck next time!

Soon I'll be putting up the graphics for the winners. In the meantime, give us your final count, and your final impressions! :D