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biffno's Journal

Bandfic Novella Writing Month
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What is Biffno?

Well, it's the whole month of March devoted to writing a 25,000 word story. Kind of like NaNo, but only smaller. Instead of writing a novel, you would be writing a novella.

Being that this is about bandfic/bandom/RPF, it's limited to stories about bands or musicians. It can be any band or musician though. Pop, rock, metal, etc. We have no genre limits on that sort of thing. As long as it contains a musician of some sort or a band, it's welcome here.

The key to doing this is to silence your inner critic and just write whatever comes into your mind. Even if you don't succeed in writing 25,000 words, we will still cheer you on for whatever word count you do end up with. It's all good in our minds :)

The rules for completing Biffno:

1. The story must be created and written during the month. No finishing up on older stories.
2. The story must contain a band or musician.
3. The story must be 25,000 words or more by the end of the month.
4. The story does not need to be finished when you get to 25,000 words. The goal is just to get to that number, you're welcome to write more than that.
5. The story does not need to be edited either. This is just a rough draft of a story that you're trying to complete.
6. The story does not have to be written in English. Any language that you write in is fine.

Simple, eh?

1. There is no set limit for words per day, but if you average 800 you'll make 25k after 31 days.
2. Websites like Write or Die are very helpful for silencing your inner critic. Punishments are given out if you don't continue to write.
3. Don't worry about word count, just write whatever comes into your mind. You can edit it later.

There will be a post during every day of Biffno, which you can comment with your word totals for the day and the last ten words that you wrote. Posts to the community are moderated, but if you have troubles or questions we will let those through as well.

You want to participate? Sign up by commenting on this post!

Questions? Doubts? You want to brag about the awesome idea you had? Come hang out at the water cooler!